Frontline Combo Spot-On Dog L (20-40kg) X 1 Pipette


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* Description:
Frontline Combo Dog L (20-40kg) is a solution for spot on for an external use only, for dogs between 20 and 40kg.
This solution removes fleas, ticks and lice:
– it kills fleas and protects from new infestations during 8 weeks.
– it inhibits the development of eggs, larvae, pupae of fleas during 8 weeks, allowing to avoid the contamination of the dog environment during this same period.
– it kills ticks on your animal and protects him from new infestations during 4 weeks.
– it kills chewing insects.
The duration of protection of the solution is not affected by immersion in water or shampoos (shampoo with chlorohexidine) when it is made 2 days after the treatment.
It can be integrated in a therapeutic program of allergic dermatitis by fleas’ stings (DAPP)
* Composition:
Fipronil 10%, (S)-méthoprène 9%.
* Use:
Hold the pipette vertically. Pat the thinner part of the pipette to ensure its content stays in the large part of the pipette and break the tip with a firm gesture.
Spread the hair of the back of your pet, from the basis of the neck between the shoulder blades, until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and press the pipette several times to empty it totally. Wash your hands after application. Transitory effects can appear on the fur just after application.
Indication: Prevention and treatment of the external parasites: fleas, ticks. 20 to 40 kg dogs. Can be used during gestation and lactation.

Package contains 3 doses and the price is for 1 dose onl


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